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Project Name
VI Peel MENA Website Design and Development
To design and develop an informative and engaging website for VI Peel MENA, focusing on their dermatological products and services.
Process & Solutions
Created a visually appealing website that highlights key products such as VI Derm Beauty and VI Peel​​​​.
Included detailed sections on various skin concerns addressed by VI Peel, providing valuable information to users​​.
Showcased VI Peel's unique selling points, such as being the "#1 Chemical Peel", its global popularity, and its effectiveness in combination with other dermatological treatments​​.
Featured prominent media mentions, enhancing the brand's credibility and reach​​.
Successfully delivered a comprehensive and user-friendly website, effectively showcasing the VI Peel brand and its array of skin care solutions, thereby boosting its online presence and customer engagement.
Technologies Used
HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript
WordPress CMS