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Vimto Game

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Project Name
Vimto Drink Game Development
Develop an engaging and interactive game for Vimto's campaign, incorporating elements of the popular Flappy Bird game mechanics, where players control an airplane to collect Vimto drink objects and combat enemies.
Process & Solutions
Designed game mechanics inspired by Flappy Bird, integrating Vimto's branding and products into the gameplay.
Developed an airplane control system for players to navigate, collect Vimto drink bottles, and engage in aerial combat with enemy planes.
Implemented a scoring system that rewards players for collecting Vimto bottles and destroying enemy aircraft.
Included a game-over screen that displays the player's score and offers an option to share their achievements on Facebook, promoting social engagement and campaign virality.
Delivered an exciting and brand-centric game that enhanced Vimto's marketing campaign, engaging users in a fun and interactive way while promoting the Vimto brand.
Technologies Used
HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript
CONSTRUCT 3 Game Engine
Social media integration for Facebook sharing functionality.