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PMO – Dubai Edge of Government

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Project Name
Prime Minister Office – Dubai Edge of Government
Light area - cyborg Interactive Experience
Bubble Wall
LED Wall
Process & Solutions
The installation puts Neil Harbisson at the centre stage. Next to a large touch screen, placed upright (portrait) and equipped with camera facing the visitor, we see a plinth with a 3D-printed version of Neil’s head on it. On the screen an ambient placeholder draws the attention of the visitors.
An interactive experience detect the visitor body movement in a specific area and the sensor will detect and start playing a video and interact with the visitor body and showing text on the screen.​
The Edge of Government innovation experience challenges visitors to think in new and often counter-intuitive ways about how to solve the most pressing challenges of our time. The main purpose of the exhibit is to inform, inspire and trigger new thinking through interactive experiences. It also offers visitors the chance to have a dialogue with the brilliant innovators behind each case study.
Technologies Used
Progressive Web App technology
An engaging interactive setup where a sensor detects a visitor's body movements within a designated area. Upon detection, the system initiates a video that plays in sync with the visitor's motions, creating an immersive experience. Additionally, relevant text appears on the screen, further interacting with the visitor's actions.
The installation features Neil Harbisson as the focal point. Adjacent to a sizeable upright touch screen, equipped with a camera facing the audience, there is a pedestal displaying a 3D-printed replica of Neil's head. An ambient placeholder on the screen captivates the visitors' attention.

Bubble Wall
Smart Interactive Screen

Interactive Experience

LED Wall