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Nutella Personalized

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Project Name
Nutella Personalized Jar Campaign - Progressive Web App Development
Develop a progressive web app for Nutella's personalized jar campaign, integrating digital and on-ground event strategies in select modern trade stores in Dubai, Egypt
Process & Solutions
Designed and developed a progressive web app for Nutella, focusing on user engagement and personalization.
Integrated functionalities for consumers to create personalized Nutella jar labels, enhancing the user experience.
Implemented a store locator feature under the 'Where do I get #mynutellajar' section, guiding users to participating stores.
Ensured seamless on-the-spot printing of personalized labels in selected stores, providing a unique and memorable brand experience.
Successfully delivered a multi-faceted campaign that bridged digital and physical consumer interactions, leading to increased engagement and a personalized brand experience for Nutella customers in major cities
Technologies Used
Progressive Web App technology
Backend systems for label customization and printing
ocation-based services for store locator functionality