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INFINITI Showroom App

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Project Name
INFINITI Cars Showroom App
Develop and design an interactive mobile application for INFINITI, used for events and in showrooms, that enables users to explore cars in 360-degree views and book test drives.
Process & Solutions
Designed a bilingual interface in English and Arabic to cater to a diverse user base.
Integrated a 360-degree car display feature for an immersive user experience.
Developed a straightforward booking system for test drives, enhancing customer convenience.
Delivered a hyprid app that improved engagement at events and showrooms, providing a seamless and interactive experience for potential buyers.
Technologies Used
React Native for cross-platform app development (iOS/Android)
WordPress (Headless) CMS as a backend
Autoscraper (Python) to scrape cars data from INFINITI websites (GCC Markets) and auto publish to CMS