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Elite Voyage

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Project Name
Elite Voyage Website Creation
Design and develop a user-friendly, informative website for Elite Voyage, a luxury travel agency specializing in tailor-made excursions, highlighting their 15 years of market presence​
Process & Solutions
Crafted a clean, navigable UX/UI design from scratch that reflects the agency's luxury brand image.
Integrated a service portfolio showcasing worldwide accommodation, train tickets, airline tickets, travel insurance, and VIP services
Designed a destination highlight section to inspire travel to diverse locations like Latin America, Morocco, Greece, Asia, Tanzania, France, and the Philippines
Implemented a bilingual interface to cater to a broad international clientele.
A sophisticated and fully functional website that encapsulates Elite Voyage's ethos of exclusive, unforgettable travel experiences, with user-centric design facilitating easy access to travel services and information
Technologies Used
HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript
WordPress CMS