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Dubai Harbour

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Project Name
Dubai Harbour Website Design and Development
To design and develop a website for Dubai Harbour, a remarkable seafront district in Dubai, showcasing its unique maritime lifestyle, facilities, and attractions.
Process & Solutions
Crafted a visually appealing and informative website that encapsulates the essence of Dubai Harbour as an extraordinary seafront district​​.
Integrated details of the marina, residences, hotels, and dining options, highlighting the luxury and sophistication of the largest marina in the Middle East and North Africa​​.
Showcased Dubai Harbour's strategic location and its proximity to major landmarks, enhancing its appeal as a prime destination​​.
Featured the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal, emphasizing its significance as a luxury and entertainment hub for tourists​​.
Successfully delivered a comprehensive website that effectively represents Dubai Harbour’s maritime tradition, luxurious offerings, and strategic location, enhancing its online presence and visitor appeal.
Technologies Used
HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript
WordPress CMS