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Davidoff Café MENA

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Project Name
Davidoff Café MENA Website Development
To design and develop an interactive website for Davidoff Café MENA, focusing on product listings with detailed specifications and direct marketplace purchase links
Process & Solutions
Developed a user-friendly website that elegantly lists Davidoff Café's range of products.
Implemented an intuitive interface where clicking on a product triggers a popup detailing product specifications.
Integrated convenient buttons within the popups, redirecting users to specific marketplaces for purchasing the products, streamlining the shopping experience.
Successfully delivered a functional and visually appealing website that effectively showcases Davidoff Café's product range, enhances user engagement, and facilitates easy online purchasing.
Technologies Used
Web development technologies (such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.).
E-commerce integration for direct marketplace linking.
Popup modal implementation for product details.