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Dubai Tourism School Break Campaign

Project Name Dubai Tourism School Break Campaign Instagram Filter Objective Develop an interactive Instagram filter for the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism’s school break campaign, offering a personalized quiz experience. Process & Solutions Designed an engaging quiz-style filter where users respond to questions by moving their heads left or right.Programmed the filter to analyze...

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Expo 2020 Dubai NYE

Project Name Expo 2020 Dubai NYE Instagram Filter Development Objective Design and develop an Instagram filter for Expo 2020 Dubai to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022, featuring 192 variations with country flags and ‘Happy New Year’ messages in various languages. Process & Solutions Crafted a custom AR filter for Instagram that displays a country’s flag...

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Vimto Game

Project Name Vimto Drink Game Development Objective Develop an engaging and interactive game for Vimto’s campaign, incorporating elements of the popular Flappy Bird game mechanics, where players control an airplane to collect Vimto drink objects and combat enemies. Process & Solutions Designed game mechanics inspired by Flappy Bird, integrating Vimto’s branding and products into the...

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PMO – Dubai Edge of Government

Project Name Prime Minister Office – Dubai Edge of Government Objective Light area – cyborg Interactive Experience Bubble WallLED Wall Process & Solutions The installation puts Neil Harbisson at the centre stage. Next to a large touch screen, placed upright (portrait) and equipped with camera facing the visitor, we see a plinth with a 3D-printed...

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Nutella Personalized

Project Name Nutella Personalized Jar Campaign – Progressive Web App Development Objective Develop a progressive web app for Nutella’s personalized jar campaign, integrating digital and on-ground event strategies in select modern trade stores in Dubai, Egypt Process & Solutions Designed and developed a progressive web app for Nutella, focusing on user engagement and personalization.Integrated functionalities...

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