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Hey, I'm Basel!

Creative Technology Director | UX/UI Design Director, Creative Front-end Developer | Meta Spark AR & Snapchat Lens Studio Developer
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Boasting over a decade of expertise as a Creative Technology Director, I specialize in crafting exceptional UX/UI designs and delivering immersive web experiences. My forte lies in transforming advanced technologies into captivating interactive narratives, with a particular emphasis on eye-catching AR filters. I’m passionate about creating websites and applications that are not only visually striking but also boast seamless functionality and swift performance.

As a seasoned professional in UX/UI and digital innovation, my approach is all about blending artistic vision with technical prowess to produce user-centered designs that resonate with audiences. My curiosity and love for tackling new challenges drive me to constantly explore the evolving landscape of digital design, seeking out fresh opportunities to collaborate with like-minded creatives and expand my horizons.

Join me on this thrilling journey of digital creativity, where every project is an opportunity to innovate and delight users across the globe.


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Digital Design Director
Creative Technologist


Creative Technologist
UX/UI Designer

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Creative Technologist
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Creative Technologist
Development Lead

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Creative Technologist


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Creative Technologist

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