Creative Technologist - UX / UI Designer
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Spinning Pixels into Experiences

Dive into my world of UX/UI, where every design is a story told with pixels and passion.

Hey, I'm Basel!

A Creative Technology Director with over 12 years in the game, I bring life to innovative UX/UI designs and immersive web experiences. Known for turning high-tech ideas into interactive stories, my expertise shines in creating responsive, visually stunning websites and apps. With a knack for AR filters and a drive for seamless digital solutions, I blend art and technology to craft experiences that captivate and connect.

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What I Do Best

UI / UX Design

Crafting intuitive interfaces with a focus on user delight

Front-End Development

Building the web with clean, efficient, and responsive code.

Immersive Experiences

Immersing users in brands with cutting-edge AR and interactive media.

Accessible Web

Ensuring seamless experiences across all devices and accessibility standards.


Speed as a feature - making websites that load in a blink.

Digital Storytelling

Telling brand stories through a creative digital narrative.